Spring is approaching and it’s a good time to start thinking about your spring cleaning. Yes, you can and should clean all the places you are thinking of but there are also spots around the home you may have forgotten about that need your attention.

Your fridge is the best. It’s where all your food lives. Considering that’s where your food is you should consider cleaning it. Not just spraying window cleaner on the front and wiping it off you need to get in there. The crisper drawers are something that you may have never cleaned. Get in there. You know that rubber seal that goes around the door of the fridge? It keeps the cold air in and it’s begging you to clean it. You might not be able to see this but the top of the fridge really needs a good scrubbing as well. Finally, the coils. The coils are what generate the cold air for the fridge and if you don’t clean them your fridge wont be as cold.

Cleaning Utensils
You would think that since these items are used to clean other things that they would be clean. Well, that’s where you’d be wrong. Mops, brooms, sponges, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and washing machines all need to be cleaned.

Tooth brush cup
This one will take you no time at all but it’s easy to overlook. The cup that you put your toothbrush in is gross and you should clean it. Seriously, have you looked in it.

Basement, attic, and garage
You typically store things in here but when was the last time you actually cleaned them? It’s probably been a long time (if ever). We suggest you take a look at these areas. Garbage and lose items tend to accumulate in these areas and its worth your time to clean them. It can also be a fire hazard depending on what garbage gets built up. It’s best to get rid of old paper and potentially flammable items.

Small Electronics
Your small electronics are begging to be cleaned. Your remotes have been sitting there patiently waiting for you to give them a quick spray. You should check out all the smaller electronics in your house including your fire alarms. You should also check the batteries in these items. If you had a crossfire alarm system you would have the piece of mind knowing that all alarms come with a 20 year LiMn sealed battery.